Main focus areas:

Organization and operational efficiency development.

Business process optimization.

Development of management control systems,introduction.

Change management, mergers and acquisitions.

IT solutions.

Compilation of business and financing models for the successful implementation of investments and developments necessary for the growth of the Partner.

Develop a corporate strategy and financial planning.

Preparation of a detailed balance sheet / profit and cash flow plan.

Financial due diligence.

Formulation of resource requirements.

Optimize economic processes as needed.

Finding and obtaining the financial resources (market and state-subsidized loan / leasing) necessary to achieve the business goals of the Partner Company.

Rationalization of existing loans.

Preparation of loan application documentation.

Competing potential banks.

Negotiation and conclusion of financing agreements.

Exploiting the possibilities of the Hungarian and EU tender system by obtaining support in accordance with the Company’s plans.

Elaboration of the tender documentation based on the business plan.

Conducting the tender procedure (coordination and lobbying).

Conclusion of a grant agreement.

Full support for project team work.

Management and support of the financial processes of the project.

Participation in the submission of the Payment Request.

Participation in on – site monitoring activities.

Verification of invoices and related documents.

Provide the information needed to compile financial documentation.

Contract Amendment / Preparation of Change Notification.

Checking the records and management of documents and accounts related to the accounting of the project.

Supporting the eligibility of tenders for the procurement of services and goodsProject cost control.

Finvisors Specializations

corporate strategy development
business modeling
business planning
corporate financing
process management
organizational development
legal advice
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