New Regional Aid Map from 2022

The European Commission has adopted guidelines on regional state aid rules applicable from 1 January 2022, which have changed the map of regional aid for the period 2022-2027.

The most important development compared to the previous support cycle is that Pest County is completely independent, the so-called as region “a” will be on the map with a maximum intensity of 50% from 1 January 2022. The regional aid map determines the maximum amount of state aid that can be granted as investment aid to companies wishing to invest there for certain regions of the country or, in the case of developed regions, for smaller territorial units.

The regions of Hungary, with the exception of Budapest, are all among the most disadvantaged regions in the EU, so support under Article 107 (3) (a) TFEU will be available for all regions with the following maximum aid intensities:Pest, Southern Transdanubia, Northern Hungary, Northern Great Plain and Southern Great Plain and for large enterprises: 50%In the Central Transdanubia and Western Transdanubia region and for large enterprises: 30%.In these areas, the maximum aid intensity can be increased by 10% for investments by medium-sized enterprises and by a further 10% for small enterprises.

The approved regional aid map does not yet include the bonus shown in the figure for the areas eligible for support from the Just Transition Fund, provided that the list of areas proposed for support from the Just Transition Fund is approved by the Commission, with an additional 10% increase bonus may be available for any public funding in the areas concerned.